jeudi 12 mars 2015

This is unfair rugby
World Rugby Regulation 9 infringements of the week

Each week of international rugby, I will give the list of every first string players retained by their professional club. These clubs violates without any fear one of the most important regulation of World Rugby. You can read the regulation about availability of players here.

Week of 08/03 to 14/03/2015

Wales-Ireland : Nobody

Italy-France : Nobody

England-Scotland : Nobody

This week, the list of outlaws clubs is longer than ever.

Portugal-Spain :
Some clubs illegally decided that releasing Portuguese players to play for Germany was enough... Good point for Périgueux who decided to give up illegality releasing Lionel Campergue.
These players are retained :
Mike Tadjer of Massy
José Lima of Carcassonne
Fabio Da Silva of Bourgoin
Samuel Marques of Pau
David Penalva of Montauban
Christian Spachuk of Bourgoin
Pedro Bettencourt Avila of Clermont
Julien Bardy of Clermont

Late January, Spain designated a 53-player squad list. Excellent players from Top 14 and Pro D2 were named in the squad. This list strangely disappeared from the official website of FER. This is Spain fourth game in the Rugby Europe Championship.
None of the players above appeared for Spain for all four :
Mathieu Visensang of Bayonne
Sebastien Rouet of Narbonne
Charly Malie of Montauban
Mathieu Belie of Perpignan
Christopher Ruiz of Narbonne
Fabien Gramático of Carcassonne
Charles Giménez of Biarritz
Mathieu Peluchon of Albi

New players retained are :
Guillaume Rouet of Bayonne
Beñat Auzqui of Bordeaux-Bègles
Gauthier Giboin of Montauban
Fernando Lopez of Massy
Marco Pinto Ferrer of Béziers

First four names were starting two weeks ago against Georgia.

Clubs definitly start to respect Georgia. Maybe World Rugby take care. None Georgian first team players were retained this week.

Despite being heavily composed of domestic players, Russia can't play with all his best players.
Kirill Kulemin of Perpignan improperly retired but only for his national team which is not at the level of his club...

Germany-Romania :
Germany lost more players because of rule 9 infringements.
Are retained :
Damien Tussac of Montauban
Rob Elloway of London Welsh
Chris Hilsenbeck of Colomiers
Paul Bosh of Nevers (French level 3)

Romania lost more players than two weeks ago. Perpignan finally released Paulica Ion.
Mihai Lazar of Castres
Horace Pungea of Lyon
Alin Coste of Carcassonne
Andrei Ursache of Carcassonne
Last time, I forgot (sadly they're still retained) :
Catalin Fercu of Romania
Mihai Macovei of Massy
Valentin Ursache of Oyonnax

Belgium-Moldova : 
Last week, La Rochelle retained a Dutch play, this week, this a Belgian :
Julien Berger of La Rochelle
Jens Torfs of Perpignan
Guillaume Piron of Colomiers

Ospreys finally released Dmitri Arhip. Uncertaincy remains for :
Vadim Cobilas of Sale Sharks
Maxim Cobilas of Sale Sharks
Andrei Mahu of Zebre

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