jeudi 17 février 2011

Sevens World Series = ATP World Tour

It's time for Sevens to become like tennis and launch a true World Series on a weekly basis.
It's time for Sevens to attract big crowds all around the world.
It's time for Sevens to reveal and publicize tournaments Prize Money.

Since its olympic admission, rugby sevens becomes in only several months a successful and profitable sporting show. Sevens had a huge success in most of the multiport events of the last years. Most notable one was during the Asian Games in Guangzhou in November 2010 where a total of 60,000 spectators attended to the stadium during two days to see China men's team finish fourth ! At least, China women's team finish second. In July of 2009, Sevens attract more than 70,000 in 2 days in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) for the World Games. Rising Asia seems really interested in Sevens. Thousand will come in Hong Kong in March, but also in Adelaïde, Edinburg and London in 2011. Sevens became a one-time event that must be seen when it's coming to your town. Sevens manage to become what tennis did in the 70s, a worldwide entertaining sport.

Now, the IRB shouldn't wait too much to organize a global World Series with different levels of points given. The 8-event current world series is just a small start of what it will be. In the near future, we could see a structured schedule from october to july with 2 or 3 rest periods. Based on the current sevens tournament in the world, it's easy to imagine several tiers of tournaments. A 30-tournaments World Series could contain new events in Moscow (next World Cup host), Rio (next Olympic tournament host) but also some tournaments in the US where Sevens definitely broke through this year. Tokyo, Ghangzhou, Shanghaï, Nairobi, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hannover, Mar del Plata, Taiwan, Madrid are some of the cities where you can bring Sevens without fear.