jeudi 7 avril 2011

Rugby now first show in Paris

History happened few weeks ago in Paris. When Racing Metro hosted Toulouse in front of 74,000 spectators on March 23, the Racingmen not only beat Toulouse by the biggest margin of the season, but allow Rugby to officialy became the first sport in Paris metropolitan area. With a combined attendance of 34,000, Stade Français Paris et Racing Metro surpass the average attendance of football club Paris Saint-Germain. Racing-Metro was already in Top 14 last season but didn't host any games in the Stade de France. Reading these figures, it's easy to undestand why both rugby clubs from Paris are building two new stadiums, Stade Français'one is an exclusive rugby stadium with a 20,000 seats capacity, Racing-Metro's one is a multi-purpose arena of 32,000 seats in rugby use. And both clubs want to sold out the stadium for every games !
Paris is knowing a real transition. Rugby demonstrates how to go to the stadium with his children without hearing constant insults you can hear in a football stadium, escpecially in Paris. Aware of rugby popular rising in the city and after the death of a fan nearby the stadium in hooligans fight, Paris Saint Germain decided to clean his stadium. But after several months tryng to catch women and children that went to rugby, they failed to attract a new public. The 47,000 seats Parc des Princes is half empty, attendance rate is 59%...
This figure is in constant fall since three years. Football won't never take the lead again. Football reputation has never been so low in France. Capital figures are just the reflect of a change in sport show in France. Toulouse figures was already in favor of rugby, Paris figures show how rugby growing capacity is great in France. It's just the beginning of something rugby never know before, a NFLization.